Planning team members, from left: Srs. Patricia Ann Toscano, Mary Jane Vergotz, Cecile Laňas, Judith Ann Heble, Metilda George, Araceli Escurzon, Therese Marie Dupagne, Roberta Bussan, Franziska Lukas, Jeanne Weber and Pauline Triviňo.

The Administrative Council of the Communio Internationalis Benedictinarum (CIB) met with the planning team for the 2018 CIB Symposium at Collegio Sant’Anselmo in Rome, Italy 16-19 January 2018. The CIB represents all communities of Benedictine women through the world who are recognized by the Abbot Primate as such and are listed in the Catalogus Monasteriorum OSB. The members of the CIB Council are Srs. Judith Ann Heble, Moderater (Sacred Heart Monastery, Lisle IL, USA), Therese-Marie Dupagne, Assistant Moderator (Monastère ď Hurtebise, Belgium), Metilda George (Grace and Compassion Priory, Tamil Nadu, India), Araceli Escurzon (St. Benedict Priory, Fatima, Vigan City, Philippines), Franziska Lukas (Abtei St. Scholastica, Burg Dinklage, Germany), and Martha Lucia Ribeiro Teixerirs (Monastery Hail Mary of Peace, Sāo Paulo, Brazil).

The planning team members are Srs. Mary Jane Vergotz, CIB Secretary (Mount St. Benedict Monastey, Erie PA, USA), Roberta Bussan (St. Mary Monastery, Rock Island, IL, USA), Pauline Triviňo (St. Scholastica Priory, Manila, Philippines), M. Cecile Laňas (St. Benedict Priory, Fatima, Vigan City, Philippines), and Patricia Ann Toscano and Jeanne Weber (Sacred Heart Monastery, Yankton, SD USA).

The CIB symposium will be held 6-13 September 2018 at Collegio Sant Anselmo. The theme of the symposium is “Let All Be Welcomed as Christ,” (RB 53.1). Over 100 Benedictine moniales and sorores (nuns and sisters) from all over the world will be in attendance.