From left : Rector Bernhard Eckerstorfer; Coordinator Thomas Quartier OSB, Radboud University Nijmegen; and Coordinator Laurentius Eschlböck

Rector Bernhard Eckerstorfer OSB has appointed Fr. Prof. Laurentius Eschlböck OSB of Schottenstift as a new coordinator of the Cultural Dimensions of Christian Spirituality program.

Fr. Laurentius is a member of Schottenstift, the Benedictine monastery of Vienna in Austria, where he was prior of his community and teacher at the abbey’s school, the prestigious Schottengymnasium. Fr. Laurentius lived at Sant’Anselmo College from 2000-2003, while studying Canon Law at the Pontifical Lateran University in Rome. He returned to teach Canon Law at Sant’Anselmo University in Fall 2019.


CDCS: Spirituality and Culture – an inspiring relationship
Earn academic qualifications in a monastic surrounding

The Cultural Dimensions of Christian Spirituality program explores the question: What is the relationship between Christian spiritual tradition and its cultural context? This question has from the very beginning stimulated reflection on both Christian spiritual life and cultural resonances of faith. Since 2013, Sant’Anselmo has offered an academic specialization on this topic, in cooperation with Radboud University Nijmegen (NL), KU Leuven (BE) and Titus Brandsma Institute (NL). A diploma is awarded upon completion of the program.

The CDCS coordinators from Rome and Nijmegen signing the most-recent diplomas. From left : Coordinator Laurentius Eschlböck OSB; Administrator Dr. Claudia Burger, Sant’Anselmo; and Coordinator Dr. Thomas Quartier OSB, Radboud University Nijmegen.

Students from all over the world have participated in the program. They come from inside and outside religious life and have different educational backgrounds and interests. The unique experience of studying in a monastic environment for two weeks during the month of July is a strong motivation for them to continue their study by writing papers during the year and ending the program with a final thesis on a self-chosen topic.

The topics chosen can relate to the history of spirituality or its biblical roots, but may also extend to contemporary forms of spiritual life. The participants of the program contribute to the high academic standard as much as to its friendly atmosphere. Professors from various universities encourage and appreciate an open form of communication with students.

“We are proud to offer students the possibility to earn an academic qualification at a famous institute, accredited by two major European universities”, the coordinators say. “Studying in the CDCS program is different from the normal academic surrounding and rhythm, and that makes it a unique experience”.

The program is open to everyone with a basic academic qualification.