Finally the idea proposed by F. Philippe Nouzille OSB, the Dean of Philosophy, and supported by F.Fernando Rivas OSB, the Coordinator of Monastic Institute, became real. It happened on 22 April 2020, online because of COVID-19, but efficiently and impressively. On that day, during an online colloquium, ten scholars from seven countries, connected by being inspired by the thought and work of F.Jean Leclercq, presented the themes resulting from the heritage of Leclercq and, according to them, worthy of further development. These are the themes they are working on but also they wish to develop.

As a result, an interesting outline of Leclercqian perspective for interdisciplinary dialogue between history, spirituality, philosophy, theology and liturgy came into being, opening even far-wider horizons than the original idea could intend. So now we have not only an international platform for an original and effective international academic collaboration but also a worthy way to honour one of the most prominent professors of our Atheneum. To read about the Centre, click here. To read the report on the colloquium, click here. The information about the further activities of the Centre will be regularly updated.