The proceedings of the XI Liturgy Congress “Liturgy and Culture” were held in Rome from 9 – 11 May 2018 at the Pontifical University Sant’Anselmo, Pontifical Institute of Liturgy. The text is edited by Francesco Bonomo, Stefan Geiger, Dominik Jurczak, Fergus Ryan.

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In the liturgical celebration the experience of faith is fully realized, it is the locus theologicus from which to observe the cultural contribution, on the basis of which to exercise discernment and in which to prudently welcome that organic and systemic universe which is the central point of reference of the life of the faithful adherents of the Church, in a place and at a time, because in that place and at that time the Christian community is formed as populo congregato. If in the liturgy conflicts are perceived for which ritus et preces are detached from the cultural context in which they are realized, it means that a passage of language has not worked because in one of the two channels, sender and recipient, a fracture has been created, a discrepancy or an alienation that undermines the entire act of worship. The liturgy must take up the challenge of being culturally able to convey its message and be effective. At the end of the work of the XI Liturgy Congress and presenting the volume of the Acts, we noticed the flourishing of numerous reflections capable of still bringing navigation offshore. Trying to take up the question again also through modern discoveries in the human sciences and available data does nothing but reorientate the compass on the research commitment.