Two Student-Residents Recently Installed as Liturgical Readers and Acolytes

Br. Wenceslaus Omamo OSB and Br. Luke Hsu OSB, two residents of the College of Sant’Anselmo, were installed as liturgical readers on 7 November. Installation as liturgical readers is one important step during one’s priestly formation. The second step is Installation of Acolyte, a step they completed on 23 November. They will complete the third step, Ordination to the Diaconate, on 15 February 2020. They plan to return to their respective monasteries for the final Ordination to the Priesthood later this year.

Br. Luke is in his third year of priestly studies and is a monk of Wimmer Priory in Taiwan. He said that being installed as a reader “is a step that can help me to engage with this mystery [the Holy Mass] more fully, more profoundly.”

In his third year at Sant’Anselmo, Br. Wenceslaus is a monk of Christ the King of Peace Priory in Kenya. Br. Wenceslaus added that as a reader you have the chance to “combine the love of knowledge and the knowledge of God, and then the practical aspect to go and practice what I have learned.”

Br. Luke said doing his priestly formation at Sant’Anselmo in the heart of Rome has made the witnesses of the great saints, such as St. Peter and St. Paul, a living reality. Br. Wenceslaus said that studying at Sant’Anselmo “is an exposure to the world” due to the presence of so many cultures.