The thesis of Br. Bruno (Guerric) Moriceau OCSO, monk of the Notre Dame Abbey of Sept-Fons, entitled “La liberté du travail des théologiens avant Vatican II. Les cas de M.-D. Chenu, H. de Lubac et Yves Congar”, received the Sant’Anselmo Award 2020 on 19 May. The academic recognition of the merits of this study is its publication in our Studia Anselmiana series.

Dr. Moriceau, professor of Theological Study of the aforementioned abbey, affiliated with our Faculty of Theology, completed his studies in the specialization of History of Theology from our Pontifical University.

In his research, Dr. Moriceau studies the progress of the theology / life relationship, outlining the ecclesial role of the theologian in the Church from the beginning of the 20th century until Vatican II. The final approach to the consideration of the object and method of theology serves to mark the path of reflection on the mystery of God through a freedom found in the unity of faith and in the plurality of theological thought. The rediscovery of freedom and its link with the living experience of faith help to indicate the path that marks the reflection on God in our university.

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