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The Badia Primaziale di Sant’Anselmo is composed of the Curia of the Abbot Primate, the College of the Benedictines and the Pontifical University as a service to the universal Church offered by the Benedictine Order.

The Benedictine Order is composed of 19 Congregations, which together create the Benedictine Confederation. The head of the Confederation is the Abbot Primate, elected by the Congress of Abbots, that is, the assembly of superiors of autonomous monasteries from around the world.

Permanent supervisione over Sant’Anselmo is guaranteed by the Synod of Presidents (constituted by the Abbots of the Congregations) which meets every year.

Sant’Anselmo is a triple institution:

    1. the place of academic studies (the University) – originally for the Benedictines, but also open to external students;
    2. the college, where the monks, religious and priests who study both at the University and at the other Roman pontifical universities live;
    3. the Curia of the Abbot Primate, the highest representative and coordinator of the Benedictine Confederation from where the whole Benedictine order is managed

The Abbot Primate is responsible to the whole of the Confederation for Sant’Anselmo. He is the Grand Chancellor of the University.

The University is directly managed by the Rector, elected by the academic senate, confirmed by the Grand Chancellor and approved by the Holy See.

Leading the College is the Prior, appointed by the Abbot Primate.

The Curia supports all the activities of the Abbot Primate.

The administration serves the three bodies and acts under the Administrative Council of Sant’Anselmo.

Everything is supported by two development offices – one for Europe and one for the United States.