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“Virtual” Liturgy?
XII Liturgical Congress
5-7 May 2021
Pontifical Institute of Liturgy

The pandemic caused by the corona virus has led the Church, in many countries of the world, to limit various forms of gathering together and, in particular, to suspend the celebration of the Eucharist with the presence of the faithful. Certain options have been adopted, however, so as not to interrupt the liturgical life of the community in spite of prohibitions and health restrictions. These options have had – and continue to have – a tangible impact on the very notion of participation per ritus et preces in the saving mystery of Christ.

The Congress will consider the limits and opportunities of “virtual celebrations”, re-reading recent experience critically and sketching out possibilities for the future, without neglecting an analysis of the ways in which the liturgy, in the course of history, has dealt with the pervasiveness of pestilence and disease.