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The International Monastic Institute of the Faculty of Theology was founded on 21 March 1952 to create a place of research on Christian monasticism. It was also charged with offering students the opportunity to acquire, through courses and seminars, a rigorous knowledge of theology and monastic history. In 1977, the Institute was granted the right to grant a license and a doctorate.

The Institute is at the service of the Benedictines, of other religious orders and of the universal Church. It has generated countless spiritual authors, researchers, teachers, monks and nuns, novice masters, priors and abbots.

More than once, throughout the history of the Monastic Institute, its curriculum has been adapted to the needs of the times. At the beginning of 2012, the entire program underwent a fundamental revision. This revision intends to take into account the strong interest of the universal Church and the Benedictine family for the theology of spirituality.

The result of this revision is an academic institute unique in the world of spiritual theology, one with a distinct Benedictine-monastic profile.

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