Teologia Dogmatico-Sacramentaria
Master I
Teologia Dogmatico-Sacramentaria

Welcome to Dogmatic-Sacramental Theology

The specialization in Dogmatic-Sacramental Theology desires to prepare experts in the field of the sacraments. Emphasis is placed on theology, with an integrated curriculum of liturgical and sacramental courses in which our Pontifical Ateneo traditionally is specialized.

The curriculum in Dogmatic-Sacramental Theology recently has been renewed with updated courses and teachers. The new program presents an increase in Benedictine teachers who teach foundational courses. Furthermore, the program offers courses that characterize its theological specificity, integrating them with courses of our Pontifical Liturgical Institute (PIL). Unlike the PIL, which focuses more on historical-liturgical aspects and offers academic degrees in liturgy, this specialization focuses on theological analysis of the sacraments and offers the academic degrees of licentiate and doctorate in theology.

In addition to these two academic titles, Dogmatic-Sacramental Theology also offers a “Master’s” in Theology. The “Master’s” is a short specialization with a one-year course of study. Unlike in other countries, it is not an academic title.