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Liturgical music

University Master Second Level

The University Master’s program seeks to train professional musicians, curators of liturgical music and music students who are aiming at a qualification in the liturgical field and who care for the musical art (historical – musicological – analytical – theological).

This Master will provide an in-depth study of the specific competence of musicians (singers, instrumentalists, choir conductors, organists, master of ceremonies, concert programmers, musicology scholars, art teachers) aimed at understanding and analyzing the “liturgical ministry” of music with a knowledge that allows one to perform professionally, with competence and dignity, the treasures of sacred music.

Liturgical Music requires the knowledge of liturgical language, of the liturgical ministry entrusted to musicians, of liturgical musical forms, of the history of sacred music, of sources, of styles.

Those who can therefore access the Master’s degree include:

  • Music graduates / graduates
  • Organists, Chapel masters, conductors, instrumentalists, choristers
  • Diplomats in history, musicology, art
  • Graduates in Sacred Liturgy
  • Graduates in Sacred Music
  • Heads of the sacred music sections of the dioceses
  • Music teachers
  • Curators of music

– Educational structuring

The Master in “Liturgical Music” is structured in two years, neither of which are propaedeutic. Each year is composed of modules and conferences.

In addition to the entire two-year period, it is also possible to enroll in a single year or a single module.
Lessons take place on Thursday, from 3.00pm to 6.00pm (corresponding to 4 academic hours), at the headquarters of the Pontifical University Sant’Anselmo.

Participants will earn:

  • the certificate of attendance for one or more individual modules;
  • the certificate of attendance for each year;
  • the qualification diploma for the entire two-year period.

Any further information is contained in the General Guide, which can be downloaded from the website or, by clicking here, only the part relating to the Master in Liturgical Music

Program for the Academic Year 2020-2021


M° Jordi-Agustí Piqué i Collado OSB
M° Diego León Fioravanti
Dr. Luciano Rossi
M° Gennaro Becchimanzi OFM Conv
M° Juan Pablo Rubio OSB
M° Osvaldo Guidotti
Prof. Fergus Ryan OP
M° Juan de la Rubia Romero
M° Andrea Coen

SCIENTIFIC COMMITTEE P. Abate Notker WOLF OSB, Abate emerito
M° Juan Pablo RUBIO OSB


Forms and theology of music
M° Jordi-Agustí Piqué i Collado OSB
8-15-22-29 October / 5-12 November 2020

Choral conducting
Maestro Osvaldo Guidotti
19-26 November / December 3, 2020

57th day of study Sacrosanctum Concilium
2 December 2020 at 10:15 am

Applied Musicology II
M° Gennaro Becchimanzi OFM Conv
10-17 December 2020/7 January 2021

The songs of the strong times and the holidays
Prof. Fergus Ryan OP
14-21-28 January 2021

Analysis and interpretation of Gregorian chant
Maestro Juan Pablo Rubio OSB
4-11-18 February 2021

Organ and improvisation II
Maestro Juan De La Rubia Romero
25 February / 4-11 March 2021

Analysis of contemporary liturgical music
Prof. Diego León Fioravanti
18-25 March / 15 April 2021

Hymn in the Liturgia Horarum
Prof. Sr. Veronica Yong SPC
22-29 April / 6 May 2021

M° Jordi-Agustí Piqué i Collado OSB
13-20 May 2021

Classes take place on Thursdays,
from 15:00 to 18:00
in room IV (multimedia room) of the Pontifical University of S. Anselmo,
in Piazza Cavalieri di Malta 5, Rome.