Dalla teologia liturgica alla prassi celebrativa
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Dalla teologia liturgica alla prassi celebrativa

From liturgical theology to celebratory praxis

An intensive course of the FACULTY of THEOLOGY
3-4-5 October 2019

The reform desired by the Council marked a deepening of liturgical theology, combined with a greater awareness of the riches contained in the lex orandi and in the expected gestures from the liturgical books. Sometimes, however, the young generations of ministers and presbyters experience some difficulty in implementing the ritual forms provided, and risk falling into rubricism (rituality as an end in itself, reduced to an exact execution, deprived of the ritual, theological and symbolic value proper to the liturgy) or in sloppiness (arbitrary inventions and improvisation; no care for signs, gestures, proclamation) or in the abstruse creativity that they invent instead of following the path, of improvisation instead of preparation.

The Pontifical Atheneum Sant’Anselmo has always offered courses to help lay people and priests to combine together theological knowledge in the liturgical field with a care for the art of presiding, animating and celebrating the liturgy. We do this in the awareness that the Reform is implemented through study of the sources and theology, and through the care of the presider and liturgical animation, to guarantee that all the ritual elements contribute to expressing the mystery that is celebrated.

In order to continue this Anselmian tradition and respond to the current needs of the Church, the Faculty of Theology of our Atheneum completes its foundational proposal by starting a course that helps to translate into celebratory practice the theological indications and ritual executions that are enclosed in liturgical books. In fact, if on the one hand the simple knowledge of the theological dimension does not guarantee a celebrative presidency capable of expressing the mystery that is celebrated, on the other hand the mere execution of the rubrics does not ensure a fidelity to the Ordines in the harmonious respect of what constitutes the rite.

The course re-reads the praenotanda of the individual liturgical books to retrace theology; offers suggestions for preparation for the sacraments and pre-sacramental catechesis to accompany the liturgical experience; opens the way to mystagogy; confirms in the Christian life; examines the celebratory and ritual signs; proposes concrete solutions based on the forms enclosed in the Ordo; and offers deacons and presbyters directions for the presidency of the celebration through workshops.


giovedì 3 ottobre 2019

ore 8:30
Prima lezione

  • Introduzione
  • La dimensione pastorale della liturgia La natura teologica, giuridica, liturgica e pastorale dei praenotanda L’iniziazione cristiana
  • Rito del battesimo dei bambini

ore 15:30
Seconda lezione

  • Rito del battesimo degli adulti
  • Rito della confermazione

Sacramenti della scelta di vita

  • Rito del matrimonio

venerdì 4 ottobre 2019

ore 8:30
Terza lezione

La celebrazione eucaristica I

  • Messale Romano, prima parte: riti di introduzione, riti di offertorio, riti di comunione

ore 15:30
Quarta lezione

La celebrazione eucaristica II

  • Messale Romano, seconda parte: liturgia della parola
  • Messale Romano, terza parte: liturgia eucaristica

sabato 5 ottobre 2019

ore 8:30
Quinta lezione

Sacramenti medicinali

  • Rito della penitenza
  • Rito dell’unzione degli infermi e cura pastorale dei malati

ore 15:30
Sesta lezione


  • Rito delle esequie
  • Benedizionale
  • I sacramentali e il Direttorio su pietà popolare e liturgia


The course takes place at the Faculty of Theology of the Pontifical University of Sant’Anselmo on days 3, 4 and 5 October 2019 and is taught by the professors of the university. The coordination of the course is entrusted to prof. Giuseppe Midili O Carm.

Registrations must be made by 30 September 2019 at the Registrar of the Pontifical University Sant’Anselmo, which is open from 1 September 2019 with the following schedule:

  • Monday 9.00-12.00;
  • Tuesday 9.00-12.00 and 15.15-17.15;
  • Wednesday 10.00-12.00;
  • Thursday 9.00-12.00 and 15.15-17.15;
  • Friday 9.00-12.00.

To register as a guest (course code 74140), visit the website: www.anselmianum.com.

The course has a cost of:

  • € 100.00 for students enrolled at our university;
  • € 130.00 for students enrolled in other universities;
  • € 150.00 in all other cases.

The payment can be made through the MAV bulletin that will be received via email after completing the registration or by paying directly at the university’s cash desk, which is open to the public at the following times: Monday-Friday 11.00-12.35 and 13.45-14.15.

The cashier will be closed throughout the month of August.

The course is recognized as an optional course of the Faculty of Theology (3 ECTS) and involves the writing of a written paper. The modalities will be illustrated during the course.