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Philosophy of Religion: Cycle III for the Doctorate

The Doctorate cycle has a duration of three years and aims to complete scientific training and the drafting, defense and publication of a PhD thesis that offers a real contribution to the progress of philosophical science.

Requirements for the first ordinary enrollment:

  • Degree in Philosophy with the minimum qualification of magna cum laude;
  • Non-Italian students must pass the Italian language exam certifying the ability to follow the lessons. Those who do not pass the exam must follow the Italian language course proposed by the University.

The achievement of the title requires:

A. The completion of the doctoral training program agreement with the Dean. This 60 ECTS program includes:

  • 20 ECTS for the methodological seminar, the course and the third-cycle seminar. Accounting for the previous training of the student, it is possible to request enrollment in other courses and seminars.
  • 30 ECTS for different productions and activities of the student (participation in conferences, drafting of an article, assisting with a first- or second-cycle course, etc.).
  • 10 ECTS for the presentation of the thesis project to the Moderator and to the Council of the Dean. The quality of the problem and its presentation by the student will be evaluated. This project will be indicated in the appropriate form that is filed in the Office of the Segreteria Generale, with the signature of the Moderator, the approval of the Council of the Dean and the appointment of the first Censor.

B. The development of a thesis of at least 180 pages. The student plans, with a Moderator chosen among the professors of the Faculty, the theme of the written dissertation; upon delivery of the thesis, the Dean, listening to the Moderator, appoints the second Censor.

C. The public defense of the thesis before a President of the commission, the Moderator and the Censors.

The final grade consists of the following: 75% for the thesis and 25% for the defense.

Study plan: At the beginning of each semester, students must complete their study plan in the appropriate form, in triplicate, which must be approved by the Dean; one copy remains with the Dean, one with the Segreteria and one with the student. The Dean can accept that among the complementary courses, two at most can be attended at other Faculties.

During the first year of the cycle, students must present their thesis project and obtain its approval from the Dean Council. They can present a project three times. If they are still refused the third time, the student will not be admitted to enroll in the second year.

Before the end of the second year of the cycle, students must present to the Moderator and the first Censor a chapter of their thesis that can be approved by them as definitive. The Moderator and the first Censor will communicate their judgment on this chapter to the Council of the Dean. If the student does not obtain the approval of this chapter by the end of the second year they will not be admitted to enroll in the third year.

An approved thesis project is valid for five years from the date of approval. If the thesis is not delivered by the end of the fifth year, the student must request an extension to the Council of the Dean.


Seminario metodologicoA. De Santis / Ph. Nouzille260006

First semester

Intenzionalità, azione e linguaggio: Ockham, Reid, HusserlM. Maione260145

Second semester

Sartre, L’essere e il nullaPh. Nouzille264069