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Triennio di Teologia

Welcome to the Triennium in Theology

The Triennium in Theology (combined with the biennium in Philosophy) aims to provide the foundational formation necessary for continuing in theological studies and for receiving priestly ordination. It faithfully follows the guidelines established by the Apostolic Constitution Sapientia Christiana. However, particular attention is paid not only to the content but also to the style of teaching. Our students are guided to think theologically following the words of our patron Saint Anselm: credo ut intelligam:  by starting from that knowledge which is faith, we then can arrive at the statement: “The more I understand, the more deeply I believe”.

This orientation has allowed us to develop a way of undertaking theology that ultimately can be identified as an interweaving of experience, spirituality, liturgy and a symbolic approach with strong cultural implications. These characteristics make the Ateneo a suitable place for all people, monks and non-monks alike, who would like to be introduced to theological thinking that is existentially relevant. Taking also into account Sant’Anselmo’s internationality and location in Rome, a foundational formation emerges out of its uniqueness of place.

Requirements for the Baccalaureate

To be admitted to the first cycle for the Baccalaureate in Sacred Theology (ST.B.), the student must have obtained a diploma of higher secondary education that allows for admission to civil universities in the student’s country of origin. In addition, authentic certificates must be presented that demonstrate course attendance, as well as passing the respective examinations, of a two-year period of propaedeutic studies in theology that reflect the characteristics and subjects indicated by Art. 51 1 a) as presented in the Decree of reform of ecclesiastical studies in Philosophy. If the certificate is considered sufficient by the Dean, the student is admitted to the first cycle of theological studies (Triennium) as an ordinary student. If the certificate instead is judged to be insufficient, the student must pass those exams that, albeit envisioned by the aforementioned Decree, have not been taken.

The Dean also may decide that the student should complete only propaedeutic studies in theology for a semester or a year.

To obtain the degree of ST.B., the requirements are: all obligatory courses; two elective courses; a pro-seminar (first year); two seminars (second and third years); a Baccalaureate thesis of approximately 30 pages, and a comprehensive oral exam. In total, the academic activities of the student must reach the value of at least 180 ECTS. The Baccalaureate exam (thesis + comprehensive exam) is worth 13 ECTS.

This information reflects the Statutes and Ordinances (III, B. 1. A) according to the latest revisions approved by the Council of the Faculty of Theology on 10 May 2012 and by the Academic Senate on 17 May 2012.