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Special fees

Students may also be required to pay the following special fees for specific needs or for “arrears,” for late payments, as per the following table, in the manner indicated above.

con più esaminatori€ 166,00
con un solo esaminatore€ 88,00
con una commissione€ 170,00
senza commissione€ 90,00

The above fees are also required in the following cases: when the exam is taken out of ordinary sessions; when the enrolled student does not appear to take the exam (unless notified to the General Secretariat at least three days before the exam); when the exam is postponed for more than one year from the established date.

all'anno accademico, primo semestre, dopo il 10 novembre€ 50,00
all'anno accademico, secondo semestre, dopo il 1 marzo€ 50,00

Special fees (section B.1.2.4): there are no financial penalties for late payment of exams, certificates and diplomas, but it is important to note that the procedure related to them will not be initiated without payment.

Diploma e certificato di grado accademico€ 82,00
Solo certificato di grado accademico€ 56,00
Certificato di iscrizione e preiscrizionegratuito
Altri certificati€ 20,00
Duplicato tessera€ 26,00

NOTE: Any shipping costs of the documents are charged to the applicant.