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Procedures of the registrar

  1. Request for diplomas and certificates
    1. For diplomas and certificates, students must pick up the application form in the Registrar, fill it in all its parts, present it in the Registrar and pay the amount fixed (see "Special fees");
    2. Certificates can be collected after 8 days (excluding holidays) from the date of request;
    3. The diplomas, after verifying the validity of the request, can be retrieved after 30 days from the date of request;
    4. The certificate request made by letter must include the amount of the corresponding fee. Diplomas of any kind are given to the interested party or to a person expressly appointed. Applications for diplomas requested by letter are not fulfilled.

  2. Dispensations
  3. The "study plan" approved at the beginning of each semester binds the student to attendance and examinations of courses, seminars, etc. listed. The Registrar will consider any kind of dispensation only, without exception, when the documentation, signed by the Dean / Preside / Coordinator, is delivered in writing to the Registrar, and, as a rule, by the expiry date indicated in the Ordo.

  4. Exams
  5. During the exam the student must present the card issued by the Registrar to the Professor. If the student wishes to have only the attendance signature, he must pick up the attendance form from the Registrar, present it at the end of the course to the Professor for the signature, and return it to the Registrar. To take exams outside the established date, the student must pick up the appropriate exam in the Registrar after payment of the prescribed fee. The Professor will deliver the exam with the grade to the Registrar after having registered it in the appropriate register. A list of courses with semester grades is given at the end of each semester.

  6. Regulations for the delivery of the Doctoral thesis
  7. When the four copies of the thesis and the digital copy of the thesis are delivered to the Registrar, the Candidate will provide the Registrar and the Dean / Preside with his current address and telephone number. Fifteen days after the presentation of the thesis, not counting the summer holidays, Christmas, and Easter, the candidate will inform the Registrar of the date and time of the defense. Upon receipt of the thesis, the Registrar will notify the Candidate of the regulation. A month before the defense the candidate will hand over 50 copies of the defense invitation to the Registrar, and the general prospectus (no more than 6 pages) of the thesis.

(The registrar Procedures were updated on May 30, 2012)