Second step: Required documents

NOTA BENE: Where a student does not have a document, he or she can register as an Extraordinary student, until the student is able to present the missing documentation. Without the documentation the student cannot complete their studies. However, the procedure for registration is the same as for Ordinary students. We require the following documentation:
  1. Authenticated certification of previous completed studies, with details of the qualification obtained, the years of study, subjects studied, credits and marks. Students from outside Italy need to supply a declaration from their diplomatic representative or from the Italian consulate in their home country that attests that the qualifications awarded qualify for registration in the state universities of their country ("dichiarazione di valore");
  2. Authorisation of the Dean/President (necessary also to proceed from one cycle to another)
  3. Ecclesiastical students, seminarians and religious should submit a letter of presentation from their superior. Lay students should submit a letter of presentation from an ecclesiastical person;
  4. A photograph (tessera /identity card format);
  5. Students from the European Union should present certification of birth, passport or identity card (original as well as a photocopy);
  6. Students from outside the European Union should present to the Office of the Segreteria Generale:
    1. Original of the passport (to be shown) and a photocopy of the passport, to be left with the Segreteria Generale;
    2. Student visa granted by the Italian consulate in the country of origin (a tourist visa is not valid). To obtain the student visa, the Segreteria Generale will supply, at the request of the student concerned, a pre-registration certificate to be convalidated by the representative of the Holy See in the student’s country of origin. For ecclesiastical students, seminarians and religious, the preregistration certificate will be supplied if the request is supported by a letter of presentation by the superior. For lay students, the preregistration certificate will be supplied if the request is supported by:
      1. Letter of presentation (original copy) of the bishop of the home diocese of the student;
      2. Declaration of responsibility by a private individual or institution, covering payment for board and lodging, as well as medical expenses of the student. This declaration must have the nihil obstat of the bishop of the Italian diocese to which the individual or institution making this declaration belongs. When a student presents a declaration that he or she can support themselves, this declaration should be countersigned by the bishop of the diocese of the student’s origin.
  7. For diocesan priests who live in Rome but not as members of a clerical house or ecclesiastical college: an annual certificate of ‘extracollegiality’, given by the Vicariate of Rome (details available in the Office of the Segreteria Generale).