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G Suite for Education

About six years ago, Sant’Anselmo obtained a Google license for the enterprise platform “G Suite for Education”. G Suite is a robust and integrated platform for education and distance learning. It provides the apps we all use every day – Gmail, YouTube, Google Maps, Translation, Google Meet – as well as production apps like Google Calendar, Docs, Spreadsheet, Slides. You may access any of these apps at any time by clicking the Google “Waffle” : This is the grid of nine small grey boxes that you find in the top right corner of your browser when you are using Gmail. (See the screenshot below.)

G Suite combines all of these apps and places them into one powerful app called Classroom. Classroom is located at the bottom of the application list in the “Waffle.” Classroom will allow you to set up a class and invite your students to share material, such as a recorded Google Hangouts Meet, a Slideshow with images from your Photos album, Maps, Documents, Spreadsheets – all of the materials that make for dynamic and rich lessons. Schedule a time on Calendar for a Jamboard session with your class. Give quizzes and get real-time results with Forms.

Not only does G Suite for Education provide you with the applications for distance learning, they also provide support for training. There are countless Google web pages, videos and support sites for helping you learn the tools you need to teach your class. In addition, every Google instruction page provides a language choice at the bottom of the page. So learning how to do things in Classroom is easy.

In short, G Suite is much more than just a gmail address. It is a powerful, integrated platform that will help you to teach your class from a distance and support your students.

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