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Welcome to our eLearning Platform!

With this educational initiative we want to reach, through our courses, all the people who cannot follow the curriculum offered in the classroom but are interested in monastic spirituality.

We are thinking of the religious who live throughout the world, but also of the laity who seek spiritual development.

The first course, on the formative aspects of Gregorian chant, was activated in June 2015. Now we open new courses: on meditation, on prayer of the heart, on the history of monasticism, on medicinal plants in the monastic tradition and other courses in the planning phase.

The courses are interactive, they are followed entirely at home, with online or telephone consultations with the teachers. The final questionnaire for issuing the certificate is also done online.

These courses confer academic credits (ECTS), upon passing an additional online exam, which can be recognized in other university programs.

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  • For information on these courses, please email: eanselmo@anselmianum.com.
  • For Philosophy, Theology, Pontifical Institute of Liturgy, and Monastic Institute courses, email: segreteria@anselmianum.com.