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The Sacramentum series is a section of Studia Anselmiana and its volumes have a two-year periodicity.

The Sacramentum series, which saw the light following the establishment of the Dogmatic-Sacramental Specialization in the Faculty of Theology of Sant’Anselmo (1972), expresses the fruits of research and teaching in this specific theological field. Rooted in the mystery of Christ, present in the church as a fundamental sacrament, the sacraments are studied, as well as in relation to traditional theological sources – the sacred scripture, the fathers, the great doctrinal tradition – also in their anthropological dimension, in their celebratory expression, in their interweaving with the life of the Church and Christian practice. In addition, in the Benedictine tradition dear to the Athenaeum Sant’Anselmo, the ecumenical dimension is particularly accentuated.

The Sacramentum series collects, in addition to high-level monographic studies, the results of the scientific activity carried out on study days with the participation of qualified experts in the various theological fields.

Following the patristic-monastic tradition, the university’s theological perspective from the beginning was to merge the scholastic method with a sapiential vision. Monasticism, with its theological reflection, the fruit of a centuries-long experience of God in liturgical prayer and lectio divina, has always sought in this light the fundamental values​ of Christian life and therefore common to the various Christian Churches. Connatural to this orientation is inserted and cultivated the ecumenical commitment and the constant renewal of the life and thought of Christians, as it addresses the genuine sources of Christianity: Bible, Fathers, liturgy.

The 156 volumes published over 70 years reflect this perspective.