Guide to renewing registration

  1. Go to the on-line form  PIANO DI STUDIO  .
  2. Download the registration form for the relevant faculty: If you have changed your postal address or email address, you are asked to complete this form again.
  3. Have the downloaded registration form signed by the appropriate superior/college rector.
  4. Visit the relevant dean/co-ordinator or President to have the form signed.
  5. Deliver the registration form and plan of studies to the Office of the Segreteria Generale. On delivery you must register the fact in the appropriate register.
  6. Wait for an e-mail with the MAV.
  7. Print it out and make the payment.


  1. Payment of the annual fees can be divided into two semester payments:
    • The first payment to be made at the latest by 15 November (first semester);
    • The second payment to be made at the latest by 1 March (second semester);
  2. Payments for special fees (out-of-term exams, delivery of theses/tesinas, diplomas and certificates) should be made in the days immediately following receipt of the MAV bill.

Nota bene

  • Delays in payment carry a surcharge as indicated in the relevant form (see Tasse speciali, "Special Fees").
  • Fees paid are not returned, except by special consent of the Rettore Magnifico (Rector).
  • No one is allowed to take an exam with outstanding fees.
  • The Ateneo does not issue invoices or receipts, even for tax purposes. The receipt of the MAV is sufficient.